Christian Persecution in Iran Unabated

Credit to Persecution(ICC) website Iranian Cleric Warns Against Spread of Christianity Iranian cleric Hujjat al-Islam Naser Rafiei delivered a speech in Qom (home to the largest Islamic seminary in Iran) which warned against the spread of Christianity throughout the country. He specifically named house churches and evangelical networks as an attraction for Iranian youth whose faith in Islam is diminishing. This growth in…

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Child of God vs Man of God
I am a child of God christian quote in Bible text, hand lettering typography design. Vector Illustration design for holiday greeting card and for photo overlays, t-shirt print, flyer, poster design, mug.

Child of God vs Man of God

What is the difference between a child of God and a man of God!?   Who is a child of God? Who is a man of God? Do both mean the same thing? Which should we strive to be called? Here's a little definition of both: Child of God: A child of God is someone who believes in Christ by faith and becomes…

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