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30 Types of Wives Men Marry!

Types of Wives:

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We are highlighting the types of wives we have today, so many men are crying buckets of tears because they found out the loving ‘wife’ they married had turned out to be a ‘knife instead’.

Even though this list is not exhaustive, it addresses a whole lot of issues people face in their marriages

shall we begin…

Types of Wives

1) The Dramatic /Histrionics Wife

This type of woman is the ‘Everything- is- about – me – kind of person’. Her ability to work people up and rub them off the wrong way is all in a days work. She brags and exaggerates about everything her husband does without caring who she hurts. Boasts about her children’s achievement in the midst of those who have no children. sees no wrong in wanting to usurp her husbands’ authority at home, wants to be the head of everything. She competes with other parents for worlds best wife/ mom, and every other title out there. To her, The world is a stage and she is the only star. No one dares her, No one has a contrary opinion to hers. Total control freak. Jealousy and competition is her bag. She envies everyone who she can’t get close to, and degrades and disregards those who care about her, and doesn’t give a hoot about anyone’s feelings but hers and hers alone. The Queen Bee—- we call this type.

2) The Greedy Wife

“Give me more of this, and I want more of that”, is what you hear from this kind of wife. She’s got to have that house, the car, more shoes, and if possible, someone’s life. No matter how much her husband gives her, she is never satisfied. She would rummage through his stuff looking for more. Whines to all who care to listen about how her needs are not being met by her husband or by someone else. Makes a habit of keeping for herself a sizable chunk of money from what her husband gives her.  She keeps for herself what she is supposed to share with others in the family. Gives to only herself, Shes’s a taker, not a giver.

3) The Secretive Wife 

These types of women are very dangerous, through that calm mien, you find a concrete wall inside them. They can keep secrets and are generally hiding stuff from their husband and loved ones. Their ability to be secretive gives them a sense of power over people around them. Some of these women build homes without telling their husbands. They open businesses and lie that they got the money on loan or manufacture some mysterious sponsor. Some even hide the kids they got out of wedlock from their husband and most lie about their age, income and what not. With these types, you never know where you stand with them, and they end frustrating their loved ones with enormous pains when their secrets are revealed in the end – as it always happens

4) The Trophy wife

trophy wife
Your typical “May – September” relationship. She is 28, he is 68, yet, she is happy to be the wife, number 7. This type has nothing in common with the husband, neither does she ‘bring anything to the marital table’. She is there to satisfy his filial desires. He loves showing her off to his friends, and business partners, and as soon as he is done with her —– He drops her … that’s when she realizes she’s been on a ride that leading to nowhere.

5) The Whorish Wife

Am so sorry for men married to these types of women, these are the men we would like to yell, ‘hide – yo- wife!’ to because, she is practically sampling all the male folk around, She goes from colleagues to neighbors, even her husband’s friends and foes. Their mantra is “use what you have to get what you want “. Many of these women are secretly make midnight calls to their exes, to complain about their husband or their financial problems which never ends. These cheating women see no wrong in what they do, as long as they can keep their little secret hidden. They believe one man can not cater for them as he might not be able to hence — they must augment their means of getting what they want in life

6) The Bitter and Vindictive Wife

These are the bitter, malicious angry wives, some of them don’t laugh or play with neighbors or husbands family because they are easily offended. Some harbor deep hatred for their mothers in law and sisters in law to the extent that there is always a war when they gather. She can’t even understand why she is bitter, has one complaint or the other about everything and everyone around them. Hates her husband’s family for some reason. Transfers the hatred to the rest of the family line,  plot the downfall of people around them, they are never satisfied with even their own bitterness till they transfer or poison others against their perceived enemy(s)

7) The Shallow – Minded Wife

These are the kinds of Wives that do not take to account the consequences of their actions today. They just do whatever it takes to make them comfortable today. This kind of woman will foolishly offend those who will help her course probably because the person is poor. Some don’t even know what their husband does for a living and they don’t care as long as they are benefiting from the largesse.  she forgets her friends who helped her when she was down. A shallow woman is a type that snatches her best friends fiance/boyfriend because of the love of money. Most of the time these women are married to the Hustler men.  This shallow mindedness has led many women to destroy their own lives because of today’s gratification. 

8) The Diabolical Wife

This is your typical she-devil. Wickedness is her name,  Everyday,  men fall in love and marry such women and they end up dying prematurely either from a direct assault of forces beyond his control or narrowly escaping her claws by the whiskers.  Fear these kinds of women! They go to every length physical and spiritual to get what they want and will fight to finish to accomplish their hearts desires. Though they appear to win at the beginning and sometimes for years, they eventually lose out in the end because the devil has no free gift. She enters a family and brings hell with her, by the time she is done, siblings would be at war.

9) The Virtuous /Hardworking Wife

She’s every mans dream wife. Every man wants this kind of wife. She does everything, washes, and cleans the house, has a thriving business or two to boot. She wakes up early in the morning to prepare breakfast for her family and supports her husband in more ways than one. Even though some of these kinds of wives feel under appreciated their efforts do not go unnoticed nor unrewarded by God or man.

10) The Loud Mouth wife 

Mrs – know- it – all, these are the kinds of Wives that love the sound of their own voice. She feels everyone needs her opinion, and her husband is usually embarrassed but loves her too much to tell her to keep quiet sometimes. This is why he doesn’t take her out to meet his friends so she doesn’t put her foot in her mouth. She always replays everything that happens at home to friends and strangers and when she’s done, you wonder, what’s left to know!?

11) The Vanity  Wife

Instagram babes. These are the slay queens turned to slay mama’s’. ‘The – pepper – dem- gang’, They live for the spotlight and every party scene needs to be graced by them. They spare no cost to look good even if they have to borrow money from their close friends to shine at the next party scene. These women do not care about how they make use of the money they just want to look good, even if their husband has to steal in public office. These vain women are snobs, some only let their kids play with only rich kids in their pedigree. These women will downgrade and ignore friends who stood by them when they were nothing. They only party, wine and dine with a certain class of people while they owe it to themselves to treat the lowly like trash. hmmm, someone says… Vanity upon vanity!

12) The Treacherous wife

This woman and the manipulative wife are ‘two peas in a pod’ so to speak. She is the type that may have built the house they live in without her husband’s knowledge and still makes sure he pays rent for the same apartment to a phantom landlord(herself ). This type is the one who takes her husband to her boyfriend’s company for employment. She loans her husband her own money and makes it look like it’s someone’s money and hounds the poor man to pay back with interest. Whatever it takes for her to be sneaky, she is game. She buys favors from her husband’s lawyers to change documents and even alter her husband’s will if she feels threatened. Gives birth to other man’s kid and makes her husband believe the child is his. Treachery is demonic, REPENT!

13) The Fair-Weather Wife

This is your average ‘gold digging’ girl who became a  wife. She looks after herself before anything. Sadly, she is there for the good times and when things go south — she’s outta there so fast, and you start hearing ‘stories that touch the heart’ such as, “I never really knew his character before marriage”, “I thought we were compatible”. This type of woman probably left her broke boyfriend to marry a rich man she met somewhere. These are the ones who say these kinds of things — “I can never marry a poor man”, “I can never date a broke guy”,” my husband must be from an influential family”. To these types of women,  love is overrated, ‘With money comes love’ and without money, there can be no love.

14) The Long Suffering Wife 

This type endures all kinds of ill-treatment from her husband and his family. She endures hardship without complaining even takes every insult, oppression thrown her way with grace. Covers her husband’s fault even when it’s obvious she’s lying. She takes his late nights and cheating ways to God in prayer. Even when she is not happy,  she tries to make her children feel happy. Her heart is heavy from the betrayal of her husband and others but, she forgives and hopes the best. She looks stressed and worn out yet, still finds time to be kind and care for others.

15) The Polygamous / Polyandrous Wife

Like it or not, these kinds of women exist. They love to share their men and they also want other women’s men too. She may even suggest her husband get another wife because she is tired of serving her husband. A woman who is like this will advice her daughter, sister, or friend to go into Polygamy for various reasons. Some even chide other women who are against Polygamy as being selfish and wicked. They see no reason why they can’t be wife no.3, 4, 5 or 6. Some of them have 4 children for 3 different men and still believe it’s not their fault that they chose to live that way.

16) The Ill-Tempered Wife 

She is a raging fire and she burns when she is angry. Everyone is afraid of the Iron lady. Even her husband is scared of her. Many of these women have injured, mutilated, and killed their husband over a little argument. Such a woman can go to her husband’s office and fight him there. Some have gone to the extent of insulting everyone in her husbands family even disrespecting the elders of his family.

17) The  Shopaholic Wife

This is the ‘shop- till – you – drop’ kinda woman. For these women, ‘Life is one giant shopping spree’. “Fly me to Dubai”, “take me Paris”, “I need to be in Vegas and Toronto”, I need a new car, “We need to move to a high brow street “, I need access to more cash, to shop… The list is endless. These women end up bankrupting their husband or their husbands get involved in one crime or the other just to satisfy their endless vanities.

18)  The Fashionista Wife

These are closely related to the Spendaholic wives — most times they are two sides of the same coin; the only difference is that the fashionista may not be as wealthy or have access to much cash but, still manages to dress- to – kill. These kinds of women will use every available resource to update their wardrobes. They will buy on credit, borrow, steal an item or two from someone else just to look great. We call them ‘SLAY QUEENS’. They have all the makeup kits, and their faces are painted to the that you begin to wonder what they were thinking of having all those lashes and different colors on one face.

19)  The Selfish Wife

She’s an unapologetic user. This is the type of woman that believes everything her husband has or makes is hers alone, such women make it their life’s purpose to deny even family members help. They poison the minds of their husband against anyone he might want to help out. She sends people on errands and makes sure they get nothing for their efforts. These are the kinds of women you visit and you end spending your money on them even in their own home.

20)  The Manner-less Wife 

The manner-less wife has no respect for her husband or his family. She talks to them anyhow, she believes that the love her husband has for her will shield her faults — how long till, he can’t take it anymore? She shows up at his office and throws her weight around, ordering staff like slaves, bad – mouthing visitors especially women visiting the office, ignoring salutations, making a scene,  and insulting her husband at any point she gets angry.

21) The  Show Boat-Wife

This woman is your quintessential show-off, she lives for the spotlight. Social media addict. she brags about family pedigree. My husband is the head of this and,  that company, my daughter is a law professor at so and so academy, my son in law is the deputy police commissioner, my mother is the patroness of that association and not to forget her ‘dad ‘actually showed humanity how slice bread is made and eaten. Pity these types of women only attract fake friends because she is also seen as a fake. Many pretend to like her and, want to be close to her whereas —- they can’t stand her.

22)  The Devourer/Wasteful Wife

This woman is capable of making a man lose his mind and make him feel like he is jinxed by some forces. These are the types of women that no matter what they are given, squander it. Open up a business for them it closes up in 6 months. Start a program/course for them they attend for a few days and lose interest—all the money spent gone with the wind. Tell her to come up with an idea of what she wants to do; she comes up with bogus, outrageous, impracticable,  and overly expensive business ideas. Give her money to oversee a project, she diverts it for other use. Whatever way her husband tries to make her feel like a formidable partner in the marriage — she floors him.

23) The  Lying Wife

‘Lie-pro’ I call this type of wife, she is going to tell lies no matter what you do. She sees no reason to be truthful because she believes truth hurts and might make her husband distrust her ,so she will lie to get out of every bind and most men can’t bring themselves to believe they married a woman who lies, and it is hurtful to them because, when they find out they are not going to trust her again.

24) The Manipulative Wife

These women make their husband appear as the bad man because, they have succeeded in making decisions for him with his full consent — albeit deceptively. She never gives him the real reason behind decisions they make but, she makes him feel like he is making the right choice on issues concerning the family.  She may hate her in-laws but, since she knows her husband loves his family, she will act all nice in front of her husband and, when he is away ‘her fangs come out’ and with her getting her way all the time, the family suffers until God intervenes.

25) The  Traditional Wife:

The family is everything, she dotes on her husband as he is her life. Everyone else is irrelevant, inconsequential in the equation of her life including her siblings, parents, and friends. Her sole purpose for living is to be a wife and to serve her husband to his satisfaction. She worships the ground her husband walks on and practically spends her life serving him. To such women, ‘husbands are gods and must be adored!’. Some of these women don’t know any better, they take the submission message of the Bible out of context and end making an idol out of their family. Some don’t care about others as long as their husband is fine. Most traditional or  Royal Wives are like this.

26) The Paranoid Wife

These are the wives that give their husband a hard time. They suspect everything and, everyone. Every single lady is out to snatch her husband. Every divorced woman wants to break up her home, just like they did theirs. She Sends spies to her husband’s office to give her updates on who visits her husband. How much he spends and what he buys and, for whom. She could even insist on working in the same office with their husband so she can keep a close eye on him — still, funny enough he finds a way to cheat still.

27) The Nagging Wife

The Bible makes us understand how difficult it is to live with a nag. She whines about everything, fastidious, unpleasant, and ungrateful she is. No matter what you give/do to/for her, she will find a way to nag. If you beg her for a loan or ask for help — she complains, she begs you —she complains,  either way, she complains. (It is better to live in a desert land Than with a contentious and vexing woman. Prov 21:19 NASB).

28) The Eye Service / Pretentious Wife

These are the kinds of women that pretend to be what they are not. They are actors. She doesn’t like you or wants you around her family but, she acts as she does. On one breath she tells you “welcome” and turns around to tell her husband to not let you in the house again. This kind of woman will be the first to promise to help you but, renege on the promise. Even though she knows you are going to get angry when she offends you, She will try to feign friendship with you for as long as it serves her purpose.

29) The Over Ambitious Wife

Let’s say these are the  ‘MARRIED FEMINISTS’. This kind of woman wants her husband to know that she is totally free to come and go as she pleases. She works and works from one career to another career opportunity (God help her if she is not married to her friend). Some of these women want to ‘eat their cake and have it’ — while sacrificing family time and watching their children grow up. This is why many of them have kids that don’t like to be around them because they were neglected growing up.

30) The Negligent Wife

This kind of wife does not take care of her home, husband, children, and family all together. She only takes care of herself and her needs and she leaves the rest to fend for themselves. Some of these women won’t cook or clean the house, they give their children money to go buy food outside from vendors, won’t wash their kids’ clothes,  and monitor their health, (some children have gangrenous sores and still, the parent won’t know). They are lazy and are usually the butt of jokes from people who know how they live.
Final Note: No matter what; There is hope for your marriage and family today, no matter how bad your marriage is — Jesus is here to help you through to be a better person.
Seek help if you are failing, don’t make excuses or reinforce failure…do better, be better in Jesus Powerful name, Amen
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    Well written and researched article. we also have possessive wives, Olympic wives, Corrosive wives.
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    Great article… With this post we can possibly know the type of wife we are living it….

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