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Benny Hinn’s Surprising Rejection of the Prosperity Gospel.

It so happens that pastor Benny Hinn has albeit rejected the fake/false doctrine of the prosperity of which he has been a foundational member, and propagator which has made a lot of mammonic Churchgoers to be up in arms about it, (they are practically disowning him here in Nigeria). Even those who adored once, are fleeing in droves because (he can’t “spoil the market”) especially, those who are direct beneficiaries of the huge amount of resources that pour into such denominations.

So much argument here, (topic for another day but, I want to speak to just another set of voices who are not quite sure about his turnaround…

I have this to say particularly to those Christians screaming “Benny Hinn should give back all the money he made all these years and stop preaching … ”

I’m stunned that we claim to know the gospel of salvation but don’t understand how the mercy and grace of God works. Jesus says, “I will have mercy not sacrifice”… Did you not know that?

Leave the man alone, what he has done in confessing this to the world is a start. You are not the Holy Spirit!

Pity that we have placed men on such pedestal that we’ve unwittingly become stumbling blocks for them to humble themselves in repentance.

Keep quiet, The Holy spirit is working in him and as He is in us. We are His!

As for me and my household we will celebrate this victory because I believe it’s a great start.
We must battle and contend for the soul of the church.

God bless the church of Christ!

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