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Life is Tough, Life is hard but God is faithful!

Sober Reflections Series: Life is Tough, Life is Hard but God is faithful!

No matter who you are, where you’re from, What you have, one day it will be over for you. I can’t begin to talk about the much pains we’ve all have to endure at one point in our life but get this: We are more than conquerors — through Christ our Lord for as many as received Him – He made them sons.


There Comes a time…

when life will no longer interest you. Love will no longer be worth fighting for. Friendships and relationships will be no longer meaningful. Your Health and general wellbeing may take a bad turn,

When your financial situation will become dire – and you fall from grace to grass. You are no longer the life of the party. (You were “living LA Vida Loca” but now you find yourself “living la Vida broker”).

When your friends/some family will desert you, calm down, I’m not wishing evil upon, no I’m helping you be strong and not fall apart when you find yourself in such dire straits.

When you will receive unexpected sad news and your entire world changes in an instant.

When you will meet face to face with your maker and give account for your life.

When everything and everyone will all be just a memory and figment of the imagination


This is why I’m saying; once in a little while, sit, evaluate, and re-evaluate your life and ask yourself some questions – and when you get the answers you take it to God in prayer.  Take care like Mary (Lk10:42) to sit at the masters’ feet so as not to lose out in life because everything else will be taken away from you except, Jesus. No one can take Jesus away from you unless you reject Him.


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    God is faithful

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