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March is Here: Some Few Things To Make Your Life Happier

It’s a new month everyone, and we are back after a long hiatus due to circumstances beyond my control; I am happy to say that I am happy to be back on here with the help of the Holy Spirit. 

I promise to keep updating frequently as much as God enables me to; so let’s get it started by applying some of the following rules to “Make Your Life Happier for a better tomorrow… Let’s Go!


– Put God first in everything you do

-Be Prayerful and vigilant

– Never neglect your family

– Put your needs and wants in the right order

– Live within your means /income

– Don’t neglect your health

– Work Smartly – hard

– Be Humble and Kind

– Learn to say Please, Sorry, and Thank You

– Stop pleasing everyone because you can’t

– Know your rights and that of others in every circumstance

– Watch your words, and pay close attention to your actions.

– Remember loved ones, call them once in a while, yes even those who offended you

-Visit people, attend functions, enjoy time out with your dear ones

– Reach out to the needy and the poor around you.

– Check your blood pressure and Blood sugar Regularly.

– Travel the world around you, Visit paths unknown if you can.

-Learn a new language or a course

– Interact with the elderly for their wealth of experience

– Put in that application for that job

-Be informed and aware of the world around you

– Learn a new skill

Go back to school and finish that degree

-Live and Let Live

– Greatness awaits you if you hold onto Gods unfailing promises


Celebrate Jesus!

Easter is coming y’áll!

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