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Modern Christianity: Today Christians Be Like …


It boggles my mind when I think about what’s going on in the Church of Christ today, we want to stand to be numbered but not counted, everyone wants to have their own way with God instead of Gods way. By the grace of God I  have summarized a few painful points on what I have encountered within the body of Christ for a while now.


Give me Christ without the Cross

Give me the Holy Ghost without His Conviction

Give me God’s Love and Blessings without the Fear and Obedience to God

Give me Heaven without Salvation

Give me Grace without Fruit bearing

Give me Hope without Faith

Give me God in my own Image

Give me Eternal Rewards without Earthly Responsibilities

Give me the Fame and Prosperity that comes with preaching the gospel without the Persecutions and the Sufferings

Give me Forgiveness without Repentance

Give me Eternal life without Regeneration

Give me the gifts of the Spirit without the indwelling of the Holy Spirit

Give me the Gospel that warms my heart and leaves me alone in my sins

Give me the deep Knowledge of God without Studying to show myself approved

Give me Life without death

Give me Power without Fasting and Prayer

Give me Deliverance without Striving and crying out for it

Give me the Righteousness and Holiness of God without Justification

Give me Church positions without being positioned in Christ

Give me Ministry without a Message

Give me Church without the Gospel

Give me Testimonies without Tests and Trials

God bless you in Jesus Mighty Name, Amen

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