You are currently viewing About Praying without Ceasing: Length or Strength, Which Is More ?

About Praying without Ceasing: Length or Strength, Which Is More ?

About Praying without Ceasing: Length or Strength, Which Is More?

Rhetorics is to prayer, what husks is to rice.

How long should I pray without Ceasing? What’s the acceptable length of time I should devote to my prayer life daily? Does my prayer even have life? These are few questions most Christians ask themselves or have had to ask others at one point or another.

Prayer, is the lifeline of a Christian and should be the lifestyle of a child of God. Truth is, some of us can’t pray for long times while,  some can go hours without blinking. (Thank God Jesus was gracious to His disciples who were sleepy at ‘the passion’).

And he cometh, and findeth them sleeping, and saith unto Peter, Simon, sleepest thou? couldest not thou watch one hour? Mk 14:37

While am not making a case for short devotional times, — am only telling ‘RELIGIOUS FOLKS ‘ who think they are only going to get God’s attention through long and loud, screaming prayers. Our God’s ears are not heavy — that He can not  hear. Isa 59:1

True worshipers are after hearing from God and doing God’s will daily.

Sometimes,  short prayers are just what gets the fastest answers because in the brevity of such prayers the sincerity of the heart is poured out quickly and deftly too .

For example, you may have been praying for a job for many years without going out to actually look for a job and you will be accusing God of not answering your prayers but, let’s say you are in a carjacking situation and you shout, “Lord Jesus Save Me!” immediately, you see the Police arrive.

Picture another scenario: you have a bad headache and you know you are not fine but as a mother, you still need to get to the shop, cook, take care of your kids and family and you find yourself whispering or muttering — Lord Jesus, I need your help! This is too much for me and you keep moving and doing your job ,only to find out your head no longer aches after you just talked to your Father in Heaven. That’s just what am talking about.

I have wondered over the years how many times I have prayed rigorously and vigorously and still — I received the answer to that prayer at a time God appointed (not when or how I wanted) which is what God wanted and what He wants to achieve in the life of HIS children.

There were also times I prayed just a few words and bam… Answer. Am like, did I just pray about this right now? Did God want me to pray about it and decided to wait until the very moment I was about opening my mouth to say it? Hmm. God’s ways are indeed mysterious.

 In our difficulties God sees Opportunities to share Himself Mighty in every way.

Also I have also  known that God wants me to pray at all times but,  God didn’t specify the amount of times per day or frequency, as in — real time calculations  but, God expects your heart to call out to Him,  even upon your bed, while cooking, shopping, working and doing stuff.

God expects a true child of His to be in a relationship with Him and that makes for easy prayer life because you can come in boldly to receive mercy at any time of need.

When it comes to prayer, God wants sincerity not long words like the pharisees.

About Praying without Ceasing: Length or Strength, Which Is More?



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