You are currently viewing Jesus Babe Life Hacks Part 1: 85 Important Lessons Learned In Life!

Jesus Babe Life Hacks Part 1: 85 Important Lessons Learned In Life!

Lessons Life Has Taught Me!

1) In everything give thanks to God

2) Take no one for granted

3) Talk less, Pray more

4) Love those who love you and go the extra mile for them

5)Do what you can, when you can

6) procrastination is hi , tomorrow may be too late

7) Don’t chase after people

8) Learn from your past mistakes

9) Forgive and Move on

10) Never forget the Golden Rule

11) Never leave your life’s concerns at the mercy of anyone except God Almighty

12) Learn to live without those who can live without you

13) Before you conclude get all the facts

14) You will never achieve what you expect but what you inspect

15) Keep your eyes on the author and finisher of your faith alone

16) You will surely reap what you sow, plant wisely

17) People who will be there for you may not be those you were there for.. Be kind anyway.

18) Always Keep an open mind because people will disappoint you sometime.

19) People die, make most of your relationships Count

20) If you pray God’s vengeance upon your enemies make sure you are an enemy of none

21) Without Jesus we are all but smart, walking corpses

22) People may not treat you as you treat them… Do good anyway

23) Never neglect your own when taking care of others because if you do you will live to regret it.

24) Cater to the needs of your loved ones before going outside to show kindness.. For Charity begins at home

25) Only few will acknowledge your kindness to them in life

26) Laugh at the stresses of life

27) This storm you are currently facing will surely pass.

28) Live modestly, there’s nothing new under the sun

29) Be humble, God is ultimate

30) Keep your circle of friends small and tight

31) Family is not only those related by blood but those who are there for you through thick and thin

32) Plan, count the cost and then spend

33) Take stock of your life from time to time

33) A point will come in life when you will have to make hard choices… Be ready

34) Money is both a friend and an enemy

35) Watch how people treat you, that’s how they view you… Actions speak louder than voice

36) To know your real enemies become a friend of God

37) When you have much wealth, you will definitely have much friends.

38) Never mistake the care and support people show you when you are rich to be true love, they are only doing that for what they can get, if doubt become or act poor and see how fast you are dropped.

39) Never boast, your life is a loan from God

40) Never be afraid to be alone on the side of Christ.

41) Don’t tell me you like/ love me.. Show me

42) Don’t be greedy for anything… God is Faithful your turn will come someday

43) Never forget the lessons life taught you

44) Learn to fast and pray from time to time

45) Do not take the grace of God for granted

46) Life is not a competition, run your race at your pace

47) Never underestimate the devices of your opponents

48) Stop dragging the past into the present so as not to destroy the future

49) Don’t let the disloyalty of others dissuade you from being loyal

50) People don’t keep their promises.. So don’t set your heart on them

51) Never doubt your gut feeling

52) Be sober and vigilant everyday

53) Fake friends and family members will be exposed in time… Just watch

54) Don’t waste your time crying over those who wish you were dead even

55) Never let anyone dictate the course of your life.

56) Never be afraid to start all over

57) Have unshakable faith in God… He never fails His Children

58) Be Real with yourself and others

59) Truth is bitter but it heals

60) Those who truly love you would never give up on you no matter what.

61) There would always be show offs and those competing with you.. Ignore them

62) There would always be those who would drag your name through the mud out of pure hatred/malice

63) Critics abound, opinions are a dime a dozen… Believe only the report of Jesus Christ for your life

64) Pay no attention to praises and criticisms of people… both hurt

65) If they hurt you before, most likely they would do it again and again

65) If they hurt you before, most likely they would do it again and again

66) Never let depression get the best of you. You matter to God and those who love you.. Always Know that You’re truly blessed

67) No matter the issues you are facing now, it won’t matter in five years time… Don’t lose your head

68) God answers prayer no matter how difficult the situation is.. Keep on praying

69) God never fails His Children who have unshakable and child-like faith in Him

70) Envy no one, Plot evil against no one… remember you reap will surely real what you sow

71) Don’t think for or make real life’s decisions for others, everyone knows what they need, lest you be called a control freak or a busybody

72) Count your blessings everyday and you’d be surprised at the goodness of God unto you

73) Bearing grudges is a total waste of time, it ruins everything for everyone

74) Hatred is a toxic emotion that even death does not wipe it

75) Anyone that says you are not important to them… Believe them.

76) Pray God for the gift of discerning to not fall prey to your enemy

77) Forgetting the past is almost impossible but don’t live in the past permanently it hurts your future.

78) Every mouth is sitting on a gas tank waiting to explode with its own opinions.. Don’t take it to heart

79) When moving on in life, never leave behind those who were there for you in the rainy days of your life… Carry them along.

80) Prayer never fails, there may be delays but it will never fail.

81) Get rid of your entitlement mentality, the World owes you NOTHING

82) Someday, somehow the tables of life will turn… endeavour to live righteously so that it turns for your favor

83) When building walls don’t fence out those who will stand by you through thick and thin

84) A man does not know what he has lost until he knows what he has gained.

85) Be wise enough to avoid fighting a losing battle…


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