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Reasons To Stop Consuming Sweet Prophetic Poisons



Holy poisons are those very attractive and captivating messages we are vastly exposed to nowadays.
It is the message that leaves you highly motivated without placing much demand for holy living.

Sometimes you feel the flashes of anointed wisdom emanating from the well groomed “man of God” behind the state of the art pulpit, which makes it possible to confuse it for the holy of holies.
The beclouding effects of magnificent edifices, sparkling lights and other aesthetics are terrifically overwhelming!

The reverence and followership of these false brethren live one in utter disbelief.
They cleverly veil their venomous teeth and claws in feigned humility espoused in charitable spree.
False Teachers and Prophets do not preach lies or falsehood all the time, but “a careful blend of truth and falsehood” makes their gospel appealing to the gullible.

The blends of sweet poisons are usually more dangerous than raw poisons.
One can easily identify raw poison and run or take safety precautions.
Can you imagine lacing that rich, creamy cup of hot beverage you love most with poison? Who would tell of that imminent death in the cup; especially, if the table is set on a kingly banquet vestibule? … Only Jesus can!
This is where we are!


1. WRONG SPIRITUAL VALUES: A man’s life does not consist of the abundance of what he possesses. We place too much value on material things over spirituality. We have failed to understand that, material prosperity has no bearing with spiritual success.

Material well being is not a standard for spiritual fervor.
Man of great material wealth that substitutes magic and shamanism for miracle will continue to fool many unto death.

2. IGNORANCE AND SPIRITUAL LAZINESS: We do not have good knowledge of what true gospel entails…true gospel and false gospel look the same to the undiscerning.

In fact, false gospel is more appealing, you are more naturally disposed to clinging to false gospel than true gospel. Moreover, inability to search the scripture personally drives us to depend on intermediaries. (Men of the Pulpit and prophets so called).

3. FALSE PROMISE: Prophetic utterances always suit our desires to have problems solved.

All the promises for prophetic blessings, breakthrough, new open doors, healings, prosperity… these are only felt needs and not the real needs of the soul. (I’m not in way against divine miracles; I’m a product of divine miracle not a victim of prophetic madness).

4. FEAR AND DESPERATION: False prophets love to feast on the fear factor of their victims, because a fearful heart is easily swayed to believing anything that promises solution.

PSALM…58:4 “their poison is like the poison of a serpent: they are like the deaf adder that stoppeth her ear;’

The scripture speaks of the false teachers and prophets as people that will continue to lead people astray and will never repent.
Their ears are deafened by the sight of filthy lucre (money they manipulate from their victims).

Some of them have clear knowledge of their evil deeds, but cannot repent because they value their reputation more than their soul. Lovers of themselves. 2 Timothy 3:2.

The serpentine spirit in these prophets makes it possible for them to have clairvoyant powers to predict problems without solution to it.

There is nothing pastorally powerful in foretelling people’s problems for the reason that, the witch doctors, ifa, olokun and other adherents of other deities can do so under satanic sway.

This venomous spirit of falsehood is manifesting as the end-time evil prophets busy feeding the congregation with sweet prophetic poisons; which Apostle Paul called “another gospel” Galatians 1:6-10
When men slept, the enemy appeared and planted tares among the wheat…Mathew 13:25

The church must wake up to search for the fire of the true gospel rather than worshiping these BIG men of God that have covered Christ from us.


In 2014, during the curtailed ebola virus scourge in Nigeria, a certain Pentecostal pastor around Ogudu axis in Lagos State, placed a live serpent (snake) on an upright wooden stand on the altar.
The people so trusted their Pastor’s spiritual uprightness that were trooping to touch and kiss that abominable serpent for protection against the virus.
This evil pastor led the victims of his spiritual dullness to the Nehushtan experience in 2 kings 18:4 as an extension of the fiery serpents that bit the people of Israel in Numbers 21:6-9.
Jesus only referred to the bronze serpent in John 3:14, as a reflection of its symbolic significance “As Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, so must the son of man be lifted up”

We all must look unto JESUS, so that any one bitten and poisoned by the serpent of sin and false doctrines can be delivered and saved.


1. We must seek the kingdom of God first and his righteousness, so other things can be added to us. Mathew 6:33.

2. Stop that naivety, repent of your sins and come boldly to the throne of God, seek God directly through Jesus. The prophets have no higher grace than you do…Hebrews 4:16.

3. Stop believing in extra biblical revelations and prophets that major in Old Testament ministrations, building your faith around fetish objects.

4. True gospel is very simple. No complications but demands your submission to the obedience of God’s word.

God bless you for reading.
I break the spell of evil prophet over you and purge your soul of every spiritual poison in Jesus name.
I cancel the strength of that problem of sickness in your life in Jesus name.
Receive grace to know Jesus personally and have true hunger for him in Jesus name.
I loose you from the bondage of spiritual manipulators in Jesus name.

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