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Things You Should Never Be Ashamed Of…

No matter who and where you find yourself in life there are a few Things you must try to never be ashamed of, and I list them below.


Never be ashamed to preach the gospel and the finished work of Christ on the cross.


  • Your Wounds and Scars: no matter how much you hurt – endeavor to share your story and learn to grow from the pain but never be ashamed of the lessons you learned from those painful years.
  • Your Background: Like it or not, you came from somewhere and you are also going somewhere, so never be ashamed of where you came from rather pray and work hard to leave a better background for your future generations, “your background shouldn’t put your back on the ground!”
  • Your Parents: Rich or poor, educated/uneducated – you are their offspring even the bible says to “honor your father and mother so that your days may be long”, it’s God’s commandment with a promise of long life added to it. There are those who deny their parentage and claim another (which I think is the worst form of’ self- hate’) . if such a person does not repent, their kids will do it to them
  • Your Siblings: same as above, no matter what they have or don’t have. Never be ashamed of your brothers and sisters –you and your generation (children, grandchildren) may never recover from the family problems it would bring. There are some sisters who can’t stand each other and brothers who do the same. We must not be like the biblical character Cain who envied his brother  till he killed him.
  • Your Childhood Environment: Oh your father was poor so you were born in a squalid neighborhood: so what!? it’s your responsibility to do better than your parents and to exceed every expectation they have of the family. some will hide where they are from and never tell people their full story. some edit their bio, assume a new name, relocate, all to avoid the shame of the environment they grew up in.
  • Your Friends: Aha! Everyone’s friend list comprise of the “‘the good, bad and ugly”. Cultivating friendship is a great way to achieve happiness mentally and socially for a person but when you have those with unpleasant characters what do you do? well, for starters don’t shame them or be ashamed of them no matter what happens in the relationship.
  • Your Financial Status: there are many who would gladly hide their financial difficulty because of the shame that comes with ‘being broke’. For this reason people put up a front just so they are accepted and deemed ‘cool’ in the society. Those who inflate their income are also in a way dealing with the shame of not being where they want to be financially.
  • Your Marital Status: Single? Married? Divorced? Widowed? you should never be ashamed of where you are or who you are. You are not more of a person because you are married neither are you less of a person because you are single, divorced or widowed. You are you and you are special however turns out.
  • Your Occupation: except it involves breaking the laws God and man -always work hard, be proud of the job you do, whatever happens, it is better than ‘begging’ for which there’s no dignity – but, “there is dignity in labor”.
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