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The True Gospel of Christ Can Never Die!

Holy Ghost inspired: The True Gospel of Christ Can Never Die!

Just as Jesus Christ is alive, the gospel is alive as well. That is the simple truth about the gospel of Christ.

Once it is planted it abides forever, though people may hack it into pieces, plunder it, peel of some leaves yet it roots abides sure, as it is planted by God’s hands… Nothing can uproot it… Hallelujah.

No matter the torrential waves of the high seas it can not blow it away
No matter the intensity of the heat it can not melt it
No matter the blazing rage of the fire of falsehood it can not burn it down
No matter the rain it can not be washed away
No matter the hardness of the heart of men it will Soften it
The gospel of Christ must be preached for the world to see

Jesus is Lord and He is Returning soon.

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