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When God does punish sin, we think He’s unjust.

“But our hearts are so desperately wicked and corrupt that rather than receiving God’s mercy with thankfulness and fearful contrition over our sins, instead, we begin to take His grace for granted.

Consequently, when God does punish sin, we think He’s unjust.

People look at the Old Testament and question the goodness of God. Some have even suggested that we shouldn’t teach the Bible to children because the God it speaks of is too violent.

Why, they ask, would God command the Israelites to destroy all the people living in Canaan? What kind of God would snuff out the life of a man simply for touching the Ark of the Covenant? How could a kind and loving God cause a bear to destroy a group of children for making fun of a prophet’s baldness? Did God really open the ground and swallow up people for rebelling against Moses’ authority? Are we really supposed to believe that God would drown the whole world?

We are so used to mercy and grace that we think God has no right to be angry with sin.

Romans 3:18 sums up the world’s attitude: “There is no fear of God before their eyes.”

  • John MacArthur
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