You are currently viewing Why God Hates Sin and, Why You Should Too!

Why God Hates Sin and, Why You Should Too!

Why God Hates Sin and, Why You Should Too!

Sin is known as the transgression of the law. Sin has been from the very beginning of creation a bane to man since Satan slithered its way into the garden. From the garden of Eden till date,  sin is still a factor— only that the death of Christ on the cross proffered a solution for sin but,  it came at a huge cost. Newsflash: God still hates sin! 
There are many reasons God hates sin and we are going to list them out here for you to see :
Psalms 5:4 For thou art not a God that hath pleasure in wickedness: neither shall evil dwell with thee.

Why God Hates Sin! 

1) Sin nailed Jesus to the cross. 1 Peter 2:24
2) Sin caused spiritual separation between God and man. Isaiah 59:2-3
3) Sin is of the devil, is the very nature of the devil. John 8:44
4) Sin is opposition to God’s commandments. 1 John 5:17 Romans 8:7
5) Sin is responsible for the eternal separation of man from God for all eternity. Isaiah 59:2-4
6) Sin is a ‘lie’ and blinds God’s children to ‘truth’ and light of God’s grace. 1 John 1:6
7) Sin is dirty, evil, putrefying cancer Ephesians 5:11-12
8) God is Holy. 1 Peter 1:16

Why You should hate Sin Too! 

1) Sin creates a barrier between you and your creator, therefore, cutting you off from Him and putting you at the risk of spending eternity in hell. Romans 6:23
2) Sin makes you a child of darkness instead of a child of light 1 John 1:7-9
3) Sin is a killer, it shortens life and destiny. James 1:15 Proverbs 19:16
4) Sin is an affront to the love and mercy of God. Ephesians 1:7
5) Sin in your life is confirming your very own (Satan’s identification number)
6) Sin grieves the Holy Ghost that should be teaching you the ways of God Ephesians 4: 30
7) Sin is a debt you owe as long as you are born into this world -— until Christ pays it for you. Romans 3:23 Psalm 51:5
8) Sin enslaves you when you serve sin you enter into bondage and sin becomes your master. John 8:34
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