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Why, “Only Jesus matters”: 7 Things No One Can do For You

Why, “Only Jesus matters”: 7 Things No One Can Do For You, No matter how much they love you.

By God’s manifold blessings, Many of us are parents. We have kids that we love and cherish but, there are things we can’t do for them no matter how much they cry, Nag, beg for help because, God, just didn’t give us the ability to do everything. (Thank God for that). I was thinking about my children and it occurred to me that no matter how much I love them, there are still things they would have to do for themselves, even from birth. I surrendered my human pride at the foot of the Cross and then I bowed in awe of our great God, who alone does wonder. 

Below is a short list of stuff you couldn’t even do for yourself, let alone doing it for your child you love so much. 

1) No one can die in your place — only Jesus did. 

2) No one can tell their body how to function adequately — only Jesus can. 

3) No one can see your thoughts and know your feelings — only Jesus can. 

4) No one can take away sicknesses from your body  — only Jesus can. 

5) No one can give you the assurance of seeing every tomorrow that comes — only Jesus can. 

6) No one can save you from eternal damnation in hell — only Jesus can. 

7) No one can show you the way to Heaven or, walk with you through the valley of the shadow of death — only Jesus can.

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