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Why Only Jesus matters : Things No One can do for you , No matter how much they love you

 I was thinking about “How only Jesus matters from this side of the world till eternity”, and, even LOVE/LIFE itself has its limits:

Jesus is the only one who can do what you cannot do for yourself. There are lots of things no one, (no matter how much they love you or you love them) can do for you. It’s just between you and  God.

Your parents can’t do them, Your children can’t do them, even your spouse or best friends can’t do them for you. Here again, I am not talking about things money can buy, or stuff you can receive but,  they (people /somebody) refuse giving it you. No. They just can’t give it to you/do it for you because it’s beyond them. They just can’t! It’s impossible for anyone to do.


Things No one Can Do For You

1) No one can die in your place for you to receive eternal life,  only Jesus could and He did already.

2) No one can eat, masticate,  digest your meals — only Jesus can give you the ability to do that

3) No one can see your true thoughts and feelings only Jesus can do that.

4)  No one can take away sicknesses from your body only Jesus can heal and make you whole

5) No one can give you the assurance of tomorrow only Jesus can.

6) No one can save you from damnation in hell only Jesus can.

7) No one can believe, receive and confess Christ on your behalf.

8) No one will save you from the fiery face of judgment only Jesus can

9) No one can count the hairs on your head only Jesus can

10) No one can walk with you through the valley of the shadow of death, only Jesus can.


Come to Jesus today for your peace of mind

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