Many may not understand, even I, till this very moment am stunned at the miraculous healing the Lord bestowed upon my life. Let me break it down a little by giving you the short version of what happened to me…

About 4 years ago, I just suddenly woke up and discovered a growth /lump /cyst on top my left wrist, (just between the ulnar and median nerves) the thing is, clenching my fist became almost impossible for me and I was worried about it for months but never went to the hospital for check up till date but one thing I did was take it to God in prayer.

I prayed and prayed about it believing God that one day everything will be fine.. Even when it seemed like the growth kept growing bigger… I still kept on cursing it by speaking to it by faith and calling on Jesus blood to flush out anything in there.

Some times after praying alone I ask my husband and my mother to also pray on it and they kept on praying, anointing it with oil and cursing the growth too by faith in Christ Jesus.

Hmmm, some days the pain would be so unbearable that I couldn’t make use of my hand, especially when I must have worked hard with it. Cutting things in the kitchen was difficult, lifting trays was hard.

Most times it feels like I have no palm or fingers, everything becomes stiff and I would just keep massaging it so the fingers can receive blood flow.

Sometimes I couldn’t even lift up little buckets or bowls of water I could normally lift 5 times the weight of any given day but with this ‘stranger’ on my left wrist, I found it difficult to function. On average the size was like the a pea, Some days it grows so big like a bean and presses down every nerve underneath.

To tell you how bad it was I couldn’t hold my cell phone or tablet for long to type anything to anyone but I managed in pain to do so for almost 2yrs now (got used to sending short messages/replies to people even though I had more to say).

While I kept this health challenge quiet, will not keep the miraculous healing quiet because God has done a great thing in my life… HALLELUJAH!!!

We were in Church sometime in February 2016 during Praise and worship session my daughter wanted me to carry her and I said in my heart (this child doesn’t know that mommy’s hand is always giving her troubles) anyway I carried her all the same after a while, I told her to get down and go sit on a chair and as I was doing that, I heard a voice I recognized as the Holy Spirit’s voice say to me… WHEN LAST DID YOU CHECK YOUR HAND!?!

I just stopped singing and quickly did my routine check by palpating the cyst as usual and to my unbelievable amazement I COULDN’T FIND THE GROWTH!

For a while I thought maybe I was touching the wrong hand, I was like where is the growth? Am I dreaming? When did it disappear? When did God heal me and I didn’t know? I was happy and confused at the same time if you understand what am saying…

I have been privileged by the grace of God to have seen some Mighty miracles done in my life, even today God didn’t pass me by, He still remembered me, my pains, my fears He took it all away in a moment. I do not know when, where and how God healed me.

All I can say is the Lord God Almighty, by the power in the blood of Jesus and the anointing of the Holy Ghost broke and destroyed that yoke of stubborn lump on my hand forever and ever in Jesus Mighty Name Amen.

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