It’s the Year 2018: Dear Christian; You Need To Start Trusting God Again!

2018 A New Year To start Trusting God Again

Dear Christian, know this today, that our God is able to take care of you. Our God is so vested in your life. Was the last year hard on you that you felt like the odds were stacked against you? Did you entertain the fear, that maybe God has forsaken you. Maybe you fell from grace and you are afraid because the accuser of the brethren has frightened you sore?

I have good news for you, by the mercies of God through the Holy Ghost. I encourage to go back to God, Return to Him. He is patiently waiting…

Don’t fret or worry about your health for He is the balm of Gilead.

Are you hungry? He is the bread and manna from above.

Are you confused about life? He is the comforting counselor.

Are you looking sad, feeling lonely & friendless? Search no further; He is your best friend that stays closer than a brother.

Are you lost in the depth of sin? He is the propitiation for your sins.

Do you fear the future? Good news –  Jesus is the eternal life,  and He has promised that to all who call upon Him in truth



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